Monday, September 12, 2011

There are Days

Where I just can't keep up. Today has been one of those days.

I woke up to learn that a friend's baby is not doing well. He's been hospitalized for almost 3 months -- ever since his birth practically -- because he has hypoplastic left heart syndrome. His team has tried various treatments and he had the first surgery for a HLHS baby, but so far, nothing has helped him. So I spent half the morning working on organizing fund raisers and finding out what they might need if he should pass; from the sounds of things, that may happen very soon.

Not long after I woke up, my second kid came in while I was pumping and told me he didn't feel well. When this kid is sick, it's usually pretty bad. His symptoms actually made me wonder if he had a problem with his appendix!

Then I spent the next hour anxiously awaiting the opening of the doctor's office so I could take him in. We went in, just to find out he has a virus that may now infect the rest of us, and then had to stop at the store for some medication for him and a few survival needs (of course, I forgot the chocolate for me!) like pain medication and some Pedialyte.

The oldest, because attention is not focused on him, has been demanding, onery and very inconsiderate of everyone else. The 2 year old threw a fit because I didn't give him what he wanted at lunch, to the point that everyone stared at us as we left the store.

The baby may have a touch of it. He's been fussy for the last couple of days. But I can't put him down as a result without him crying, and with four little kids, the house looks like a bomb hit it very rapidly. I made the mistake of taking my eyes off the kids while on the computer checking on things for my friend and then to go pump in my room before leaving for the doctor's, leaving the kids in the other room for a few minutes, and I haven't been able to catch up with the baby being cranky.

Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, and I'd just pick up after hubby gets home from work around 8 tonight, but my hubby's brother is living with us for the time being and will arrive home around 6. And I hate for him to see the mess our life turns into in a split second!

But it's all good. My family is relatively healthy; this virus will pass. We have enough food to eat. Our house shelters us from the weather. We could have nothing. And I am thinking about my friend. She is about to lose her child. The pain of that is unimaginable. And it puts my silly day all in perspective.

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