Monday, October 10, 2011

A First for Us

You would think, by now, that we have BTDT on just about all toddler antics. Especially the gross ones. I thought so too. Puking in the car. Done. Pooping on the floor. Happens all the time. Then there was tonight.

I was sitting on the couch talking to BIL while hubby was at the store. I could hear giggling on the other side of the kitchen island and thought nothing of it.

But then, I thought, I should go see what exactly they are giggling about, as extended giggles here generally mean somebody is doing something illegal in our family.

I stopped in utter horror as I rounded the island. Sitting on the floor was my baby, just 9 months, laughing as his brother, 2.75, smeared poop all in his hair. Baby had handfuls of poop. Toddler had poop all over him.

Stinky, soft, mushy poop. Toddler has had diarrhea for some days, and he is just getting over it.

I thought about vomiting (I have a strong stomach, thanks to my job, but the handfuls of poop...well, that's really gross) but realized that would be another mess I have to clean up. Grabbed baby and ran a tub to wash him off, while toddler trailed along behind me to take his turn.

Then I had to wash the tub. And mop the floor. And change my clothes.

The irony is that this stuff always happens when Daddy isn't around. How does he time it so perfectly every time?

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