Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Major Milestone Down

We have been so, so busy. Let's see...

Halloween. Done. The kids dressed up, went Trick or Treating three times (well, as much as those costumes cost, I wanted them used!). Ate lots of candy.

Gavin had his palate surgery! It went very well. The first 18 hours were so, so tough. Every time he came up from the pain medications, be screamed uncongrollably, scratching and flailing. He pulled out his IV catheter. The stupid machines kept alarming all night. He insisted on sleeping ON me all night. I couldn't even put him down to go potty, much less eat -- I tried; I put him down after he got a dose of morphine and ran to the cafeteria. I was gone perhaps 10 minutes and came back to find him wide awake and completely confused. But he woke up the next day smiling, so I got us out of there as soon as I could.

He is eating well, drinking well. Our surgeon is so pleased with how it turned out. Next step...see if his language skills proceed on target for his age. And in a week, we can start trying to nurse IF we are not defeated by the continued reflux of liquids into his nose and this crazy lip tie related to his cleft lip.

Turned out all the fuss was over the Snuggle Wraps, the arm restraints. Took those off, and the crying stopped...until,we got home, and the tooth that is trying to come in started bothering him!

He also had bilateral ear tubes placed. There was an active infection but he never had any signs!

Ian had another swim meet, where he shaved 3+ seconds off his time for freestyle, but he was DQ'ed in backstroke for improperly closing on the wall. But he is getting better, and our coach says that studies have shown that kids who are on top when they are young are not the ones who keep with it, so we are just taking it easy and going to practice, keeping it fun.

Speaking of practice, there was a scary day I'll write about another time.

Other stuff gong on too, but that is all under wraps for now ;)

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